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American Council of Exercise
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Fitness Fun by Nan offers Fitness Fun Groups as well as Personal Coaching and Personal Training for individuals, couples and families. Nan can help you feel better and achieve that Positive Mental Attitude you have been searching for.

Fitness Fun by Nan Testimonials

Nan is a great trainer. She helps to set realistic goals and follows up regularly to ensure I stay on track. Her classes are always different and are designed so that all fitness levels can participate. If you are looking for a thoughtful, dedicated trainer who will help you have fun while you're getting in shape, Nan's the one!

- Henry

Nan is the best trainer I have ever hired. She is focused on your personal goals and adapts to your skill/fitness level to ensure that you are getting a good workout without getting bored or injured. She is not a drill sergeant and she makes the most of the time you have with her, giving you value for money in many ways. I hired Nan before my wedding in 2009 and she helped me stay in shape afterwards so that I could have a healthy pregnancy. My son was born in August of 2011 and Nan made sure I was ready for the delivery by tailoring my workouts in each trimester. Thanks to Nan, I was in shape enough to go swimming the day before I delivered. Thanks Nan! You're the best!

- Cassandra

What can you lose by joining Nan’s class? You can lose unneeded pounds, you can lose being a couch potato, and you can lose an unhealthy way of eating. For over a decade I have been on unsuccessful diet plans. I have started exercise programs that never lasted over a month. I was resigned to the fact that I was going to grow older in bad shape, over weight, and in poor health. Nothing seemed to work for me. Then I went to see Nan. My life changed. I shaped up. I discovered a healthy life style and best of all I found success. Nan’s program is not just about fun and fitness. It is about being involved in a supportive, understanding, yet challenging program. My husband could not be more delighted with my results- that makes two of us. Thank you, Nan.

- Keen

My exercise routines included walking and swimming prior to attending classes with Nan. Despite these activities I suffered from periodic painful lower back pains when I made a wrong move. Once I started attending Nan's class I started to notice a difference. She uses a variety of exercise methods that strengthen muscles without straining them, including balls, weights, bands and different cardio and stretching moves. After several months of exposure to Nan's training, I am free of pain. Nan is not only an fantastic trainer, but a very caring person who is always willing to tailor exercises to individual needs.

- Esther

I have been a Nan-fan for a little over a year. Her workouts have strengthened me both physically and mentally. Nan's classes are filled with laughter, encouragement and a friendly connection between her members. Nan keeps us going with great music and different workouts each class. This year for the first time ever, I bought myself a holiday dress..not just a dress but a hot pink dress!!! Yep, that's how good I felt about myself after time well-spent with Nan. If 2013 is the year you want to be healthier, stronger, more confident and more energetic do yourself a favor and become a Nan-fan!!!

- Linda

"Nan's classes afford warm ups, stretches, cardio and core workouts, strength and resistance exercises, but are not the same routine each time. Workouts are serious enough to bring on a sweat, work on your own level or offer alternatives to physical constraints. She listens to our individual needs while encouraging improvement. Classes are appropriate for all ages young to seniors, men and women, at all levels of fitness. Nan definitely makes fitness fun."

- Tish

"I made it to gym class and it felt so good to work out again. I plan to do as much cardio as possible so I am glad to have you as my trainer. I am pleased to tell you I am now down 20 pounds...Yeah!"

- Val

"Applause! For anyone wishing to improve on their cardio workout and whole body exercise should certainly attend one of Nans classes. I can honestly say that a whole roomful of fellow fitness bugs would agree with me on that."

- Bunny

"Being a 66 year old retired male, I was looking for an exercise program that would fit my budget and not kill me. Joe Abraham's Fitness and Wellness Center fit me to a tee. I take a number of classes, but my favorite class is Cardio Cross Training with Nan. She leads a class with participants from 20 to 80 years old and everyone enjoys it. We do a wide variety of strength, core and balance exercises and always get a great cardio workout. Each class is a little different so it never gets boring."

- Ron D.

"I bless the day I met Nan. She has done so much for me and my body, I have energy to spare and can handle any strenuous job that I couldn't handle before. Good Job!!!"

- Alicia

"What I enjoy most about Nan's classes is her "Up" attitude, the mix of music and that the exercise classes change each and every time. There are no classes like it, whether it be the exercise or the music. She inspires us all to want to be there and do our body good. She is always open for suggestions if we bring in new ideas for exercises or want to listen to a new artist during the class.

- Nina

"Terrific classes have exceeded my expectation. I've finally found a place to enjoy exercising. No boring repetition, no dancing, no "burn, Baby, burn". Each class is a little different. Nan is positive and enthusiastic as she guides me into a new world of healthy living. My results are proof that she's got what it takes."

- Vivian

"Nan is an outstanding personal and group trainer. Enthusiastic and engaging, Nan challenges us participants to strive and push our limits while simultaneously cautioning us to listen to our bodies if we hurt or have an injury. She demonstrates her genuine concern for each class member; she knows our names and genuinely welcomes newcomers. She creates and maintains a positive and comfortable environment with fun, laughter, and music. In class, she leads a variety of workout activities that utilize weights, mats, bands, and balls. The pace moves quickly; the music is lively; class is over all too soon."

- Janie

"Nan provides a great balance between stretching and cardio in all her workouts which are always fun, different and challenging. There is constant encouragement and reinforcement along the way and options are always available so one can work as hard as you want on any particular day. The atmosphere in the classes is always upbeat, everyone is welcoming and supportive. My day is always better when it starts with a Nan workout."

- Andrea

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Fitness Fun by Nan Klater

I am a major Fitness and Sports enthusiast. I have been involved with a wide variety of group sports and activities over the years including softball, swimming, tennis, racquetball, golf and Jazzercise.

After years of suffering with chronic lower back and neck pain, I began Personal Fitness Training and later, Group Fitness Training with my teachers and mentors, Coach Charlie and Coach Art. In just six short months I was able to lose 25 lbs and strengthen my back, neck and core to the point where now I rarely have problems, and when I do, they go away in days instead of weeks.

Motivated by my training experience, I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and began teaching clients to do the same thing for themselves. My philosophy of keeping fitness affordable and fun, eating clean and keeping a Positive Mental Attitude will help motivate you to transform your mind and body.

I work with Clients of all ages and fitness levels. Catch one of my Fitness Fun Group Classes on Wednesday Nights at 6 PM or Saturday mornings at 8:30 AM at our Fitness Fun Studio. The first class is always FREE so no excuses!

Need a little extra help getting things going? Let me be your Personal Coach and try my Personal Coaching Package or to really jump start your fitness program, try Personal Training and work with me one on one, with your partner, or up to six in your buddy training group, at my Fitness Studio, your home, or at some awesome South Tampa Parks.

Try Fitness Fun by Nan.  You will love it!
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Nan is available for individual, couples and group training.


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